Saturday, September 8, 2012


This Saturday started with a shout, "we've got to vote today!" came the exclamation from my darling at 7:15am. That was the kick start to our busy morning which included a trip to the dreaded shopping centre. A pair of killer heels and a couple of swanky dresses later and we were back home in time to throw on some jeans, pick up my camera and head out again.
That is where the rushing segment of the day ended. The next part of the day I'd like to call "relaxurday". The afternoon was spent on horseback out at Camden; I had a lovely old Mare called Jill who is known for how calm and well, slow she is. Jill and I were mostly up the front, tied to our lovely guide the whole time. We wandered past cute cows, over a beautiful paddock with a muddy dam. So many childhood memories kept coming back to me as I took it all in. It was good for my soul to be out there and away from the bustle of traffic and people.

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  1. Gorgeous!... I was in the country as well today and it is good for the soul!