Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Twenty Fourteen is a year of potential; it means big changes for me in my thinking, my motivation, and my career. I am not going to let my life happen in front of me this year, I am taking opportunities and following my dreams. I have spent the last 29 (eek almost THIRTY)  years letting fear stop me from doing things, assuming that "one day" things will just fall into place without me having to get out of my comfort zone. This year I am finally going to put in effort, in order to achieve my goals and dreams. 
One of these dreams is taking my photography to the next level and actually start my own business, and instead of being fearful over it, I am embracing the unknown and going for it. And you know what? It's so exciting! 
I'm finally feeling like I'm becoming who I was always meant to be. I was a little apprehensive about writing this post so that I didn't have to be accountable, and if I decide to go back into my shell, no one would even know that I tried. But I don't want to give myself that safety net. I really want to make long term changes in my life. To be someone my son will be proud of. To set an example to him that working hard towards your dreams is a great thing, and that he shouldn't just settle for a job that makes him miserable. That he can use the gifts God has given him and they can bring him and others joy.
So here I am, ready for the wonderful things awaiting me this year, well aware that to get them I have to put in the hard work, and I am pumped at the opportunity!

To mark the first day of the year, Andrew, Samuel and I spent the day together, loving on each other. We had an early morning trip to the beach, then had breakfast of eggs benny and pancakes; and ended the day with a swim. The perfect way to start the year, with the ones that have my heart.
How did you start the year? Do you have any goals or plans for the next twelve months?

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  1. With complete honesty, I have never felt more proud of a human being than I do of you right now.
    You are a kind, strong, loving, confident, decisive, creative, stunningly beautiful woman and it is an absolute honour to share a piece in your journey xx