Sunday, April 28, 2013

Feeling Thankful

I am currently on the couch resting my achy bones and heavy belly, whilst sipping my cup of tea; thinking over my weekend and feeling thankful. 
Thankful for beautiful friends who drive for hours just to spend the day blessing me by helping to organise my nursery. Thankful for Sunday mornings at Church and Sunday afternoons with my darling. Thankful for finding quiet cafes away from the bustle of people trying to get out in the Autumn sunshine. And thankful to be dusting off my camera after a long break.
Andrew and I had a wonderful afternoon in the sunshine spending some much needed time out yesterday. I've been really cherishing these last few weeks we have together while we're just a couple. I am so excited to become a family, but while its just us, I'm breathing in every moment knowing how special they are.


  1. Yep, about watermelon sized.

  2. Oh look at your gorgeous belly! I can't believe how quick (for me, ha!) your pregnancy has gone!
    Thank you for watching my crazily embarrassing Vlog, and I'm glad it inspired you in some way ;)
    Can't wait to see the next stage of your journey as a mama... and I'm glad you're dusting off your camera - you've got talent girl!
    (PS I'm doing The Nursery next month, so nervous, so excited!) xx