Friday, April 26, 2013

Oh Hi There!

Hello friends, it's been far too long, and I'm not really sure where to start. I'll try to do a bit of a quick back track to get you up to date. The last few months gave the creative side of me a bit of a holiday as my body has been far too busy stitching together a sweet babe in my belly. After a long journey dealing with big things like infertility, our awesome God showed us that He is bigger than big things and Andrew and I eagerly started on this new adventure.
In the last few years, I always loved seeing pictures of beautifully pregnant women looking graceful and calm and I always imagined what a wonderful joy it would be to finally carry my own child inside me. Now that I'm 35 weeks along, I have a feeling I'll never be one of those beautifully pregnant women, and I don't think I'll ever come across as graceful and calm. Being pregnant is hard. It's tiring and sore and I have a feeling I must be doing it wrong.
It's not all bad though, there have been moments that I've absolutely loved. My favourite is coming home to an embrace from my gorgeous husband and feeling this sweet babe kick him from my belly. I love that. 
I also love that it's getting harder and harder to hold onto things that have upset me because my memory is getting increasingly worse. I guess it's teaching me that when I do hold onto them, it does me no good, if anything it makes me bitter, and who would want that?
I'm hoping to be on here a little more often from now on, so feel free to pop by every once in a while.. x

20 weeks

and today, 35 weeks.


  1. Yay!
    But you do have one little thing wrong here, you are the absolute most beautiful pregnant lady that I have ever seen. You are so lovely and glowing. And I cannot wait to meet your little man.
    I love you so much, sissy. You're amazing, and you're doing an amazing job growing that little baby sized baby.

  2. So lovely to find you on here and to look through your cute blog! :)
    Looking forward to reading your baby news when it all happens ... little ones are so precious!
    Blessings! Abbie {from @abbie_melle}

  3. you're not doing it wrong :) my back hurts so much i can barely walk by the end of the day despite chiro, massage, yoga etc. etc. baby growing is just plain hard! but wonderful, of course. not too much longer to go now! x