Sunday, January 24, 2016

Backyard Gardening

 It has taken me a while to feel settled in our home. Part of me was holding back because my heart was torn between wanting so desperately to live close to my dear friends, the beach and the calm of small town life, as well as wanting to create a home for my beautiful family where we already are. A home, to me, means somewhere to feel relaxed and safe, somewhere surrounded by green, gorgeous gardens that can help me to feed and nourish my family. 
It has really been on my heart to bloom here in Sydney, it will never feel like home if I don't put in the effort to create that safety and comfort, and I'm the one missing out by holding back, and my family are missing out, too. 
Andrew is a master of many skills, and lucky for me, one of them is building things out of wood. He went to work measuring, drilling, sawing and hammering and came up with a beautiful raised garden bed for me to plant out. First we had to move my little herb garden to make room, and I was a little worried how they would survive after being pulled up, but my herbs are all thriving now, and I've harvested a good handful of capsicums since the move. We filled the new garden bed (on an especially rainy day) with nutrient rich soil, then in went our happy, little seedlings! We started out with multi-coloured carrots, candy cane beets, celery, lettuce, baby spinach, purple asparagus, thyme, chives, basil and a sweet, little blueberry bush (plus a few marigolds to keep the pests away!). Since the first plant out, I have added some garlic and ginger from sprouted bulbs in the bottom of my pantry, and they both seem to have taken off quite well. 
I made a little video to document some of my gardening, it was my first attempt at such a thing, and was pretty fun to be honest! 
My carrots are a little crazy and most of them have split due to under watering when it got hot, then overcompensating and drowning the poor things. My beetroots have thrived and I have very much enjoyed incorporating them into our lunches and dinners. My poor baby spinach didn't make it. They looked good for about three weeks, then they all went to seed, but an empty space in my garden is just potential for something new to grow, so I'm planning on either zucchini or cucumber to fill the space!


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