Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Each morning, at around 7am, I throw on some form of tracky dacks and my running shoes, and head out for a walk with the pram. Samuel coos and giggles to me for a little bit until his eyes get heavy and he drifts off, and I call my mum for a chat. We talk about life, our gardens, what Sam has been up to and we reminisce about when we lived at the beach and used to have mother daughter time just the two of us.
I usually wander around the pond, past the ducks and local people out exercising until tiny feet start to wiggle and my little possum stretches himself awake. After the longest of nights, a peaceful walk in the morning helps me to clear my mind and keep me centred.   It started off as a way to get Sam to have a sleep in the morning, but now I look forward to the fresh air and stretching my legs, easing myself into a new day.

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  1. Favourite part of my day!
    Beautiful pics as always :)