Sunday, November 24, 2013

Stills: A Weekly Collection

1. Finally, a beautiful rainy day. My garden loved the downpour, and I loved the excuse to snuggle in with tea and biscuits.
2. A sneak peek at our Christmas photos (which probably wont end up on cards due to my excellent procrastinating skills)
3. Yet another blissful rainy day at home.
4. Samuel inspecting the new growth of our Gardenias. He was impressed.
5. A very rare family photo, gosh I love these two!
6. And just like that, it was spring again.
7. Happily watching his dadda prune (while mumma popped an extra pillow next to him so she doesn't stress about how hard those tiles are!)

This week had us pretty housebound due to all the rain, which I really didn't mind as I am definitely a homebody, but it means that my photos are all garden or Sam shots. 
We've decided to have Christmas at our place this year, so I've started my decorating and I'm getting excited for Samuel's first Christmas. I think he's starting to get into the spirit of it too, as I have found him on several occasions with either a bauble or bell that he's snuck off the tree!

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