Friday, November 1, 2013

Stills: A Weekly Collection

1. I made my first batch of gingerbread cookies as a practice run for Christmas.
2. My boy in his bath, it's the sweetest thing watching him with his ducky.
3. Flowers from my darling, he always asks the florist for daisies because he knows they're my favourite.
4. On the grass, deep in thought.
5. Menial tasks made pretty with this peg basket.
6. Spending time with this girl.

I was really unwell this week, which could have potentially made me quite miserable, but there was so much to be thankful for. Andrew had a bunch of flowers delivered with a beautiful handwritten note, so I now get to enjoy gorgeous blooms throughout my home. My amazing sister Hayley came to stay and really saved the day; we made cookies, went for walks each morning and watered the garden. And my gorgeous Lizabeth visited today. She is my dearest friend and every time I see her it feels like home. So all in all, this week was pretty great.

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